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Is There a ‘Formula’ for Success?

No method of couples counseling has a 100-percent success rate. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy has one of the highest.

What seems to create the best opportunity for success includes:

A commitment to the therapy process. Even when couples are discouraged or fall back into a difficult argument, they retain their commitment to attending sessions to deepen their learning and their understanding of the process for rebuilding their bond and connection.

Completing the therapy process. Couples often stop coming to therapy once the stress level has decreased and when they are arguing less. Unfortunately, they lose the full benefit of the process, and increase their risk of relapse. It should be noted that this method is considered “brief” and is not intended to last years. It’s hard to state an “average,” though most reports indicate about 20 sessions.

Being open and brave. You will be gently guided to explore your fears about the relationship, what you unintentionally bring to the problems between you, how your personal history impacts your relationship today, and how to allow your fears to surface and be understood by both you and your partner. It’s tough work, indeed. However, the rewards can be great: Research shows that couples who go through the Emotionally Focused Couple process often continue to notice improvements in their relationship even after counseling is completed.

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