Your Couples Specialist:

About Linda

In my 20-year career in counseling, my most gratifying work has been with couples. I am privileged to be allowed into each couple’s life, to watch as they grow in understanding themselves and their partner at a new, deeper level. There is nothing more heartwarming than when a couple reaches their final session and their new trust, closeness and joy fills my office.

Even more, if the couple has children, as their couples therapist, I know I’ve helped way beyond the two people who came to me for help and who I came to know and to share their journey.

My excitement about and fulfillment in working as a couples therapist also stem from my training in and use of the most successful method for helping and healing relationships: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This amazing approach helps couples transform their relationship from pain and distress to regaining the healthy, loving connection that brought them into each other’s lives.

This counseling method provides my couples (yes, I tend to think of them as “my couples") with a lifelong roadmap to help them stay close and loving into their future together and to tackle the challenges life may bring.

Prior to establishing Aware Counseling and my specialization in working with couples, I was a clinical director and clinical supervisor at agencies that served families challenged by poverty, substance abuse and serious mental illness. My background also includes working at two Valley psychiatric hospitals and at the psychiatric unit at the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Before entering the counseling field, I had extensive experience in management coaching and facilitating teamwork development. This background provides an added plus when my clients may also be struggling with work-related issues that place stress on their relationship.

My goal is to help you feel as comfortable as possible when you come to see me. I know that taking the step of coming to counseling can feel unsettling. My approach is one of acceptance, kindness and a gentle sense of humor.

When I’m not reading the latest research on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, I enjoy swimming laps and am working with my rescue dog Annie so she can be certified as a therapy dog and bring her loving presence (and wet nose!) to patients at hospitals, hospices and nursing facilities.

I fully realize that making the initial phone call to discuss an appointment can feel daunting. Please know I answer my phone personally or will return your voice message at my earliest availability. You can reach me at (602) 882-0533 or .

Linda helped me to see my situation from a perspective other than my own, which was often distorted by my hurt and anger. Although it was sometimes painful, I saw how my past actions resulted in the opposite response I wanted from my husband and family and that drove us further apart. Most importantly, Linda helped me to reach out to my family in a positive way, which ultimately led to reconciliation and a fresh start. Life is good!"

We couldn’t have made it without you, Linda!"

We have a safe place with Linda where we have been able, for the first time, to talk about our most important issues, including intimacy. We have shared in counseling with Linda thoughts and feelings we weren’t able to share with each other. We learned to talk about our deepest concerns first in the office and then at home. We built a connection we both had hoped to have for so many years but didn’t know how to create ourselves."