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My Number 1 recommendation among all the many relationship books is Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Love Relationships (Little, Brown 2013). Author Dr. Sue Johnson is the primary creator of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, the most successful method of helping couples renew connection and resolve conflict.

I strongly suggest couples who work with me read Love Sense during the course of counseling because they will be introduced to a new way of understanding their relationship. I even tell them that they'll probably save money because they may need fewer sessions with me.

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Couples often wonder why the negative emotions in relationships can have such intensity – Small problems escalate to big arguments, the disconnection that has evolved is fraught with pain and the hurt seems like a wound that is stubborn to heal. Indeed, the strong feelings between couples are real – as is the fear they often express that their relationship can’t improve. And, yes, your strongest emotions are going to be with your partner.

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I absolutely love the August 2014 MONEY magazine column by Taylor Tepper, “A Seat at the Grownups’ Table.” He’s been writing about his first year as a parent and in this column he and his wife demonstrate wisdom beyond their years.

They purchased two chairs and a marble table (all second-hand) and created an alcove in their apartment where they have established a nightly ritual of spending time, just the two of them, after their son has gone to bed. They’ve realized the challenge of staying close and connected as a couple during parenthood.

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