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When some couples seek counseling, they are frustrated because their arguing has increased; and, because they fall into the arguing cycle easily, issues don’t get resolved.

However, often couples seek help because they’ve lost a sense of connection with each other.

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New Year’s resolutions often get a bad rap: After all, do we really keep them? And, were they enjoyable commitments to begin with?

But what if our resolutions were fun and enriching, ones that increased our joy and connection?

It’s not unusual for couples to become less engaged and close as time goes by. Kids, jobs and other important parts of our lives can take a toll on couples’ abilities to find time together.

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While the holiday season brings a time for celebration, reconnecting with family, fun social events and time off from work, this season also may include types of stress that challenge even the most secure couples.

Unstable relationships can feel the added pressures during the holidays when it has been difficult for the couple to talk about sensitive issues; and, unresolved hurts or challenges from the past can resurface at holiday time.

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The greatest threat to marriage and committed relationships is betrayal when one partner develops an outside relationship. When an affair is discovered, the hurt partner is typically overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment, rejection and the fear of further deception.

The first question I often hear from the betrayed partner is, "Can I move past this terrible hurt?"

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"We've become barely roommates."
"We rarely talk any more."
"We spend so little time together."

These are not-uncommon complaints of couples who have found they've drifted further and further apart.

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